Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i love this :)

i just love this picture. it's a snapshot from super junior's MV, no other. pernah tengok? kalau awak tak pernah tengok, ce tengok. ce tengok. comeeel :) semua sweet sweet.

kadang kadang aku tertanya, aku tengok korean movies and series kan, basically all the heroes are like freaking sweet and adorable. seriously comel betul la! with over-height boyfriend and a short girlfriend, KYAAAAA! ♥ tersangat comel. tersangat adorable. tersangat shuweeet. hehe i think i've been repeating comel adorable and sweet for few times now -,-

oh okay tadi tu explanation je, i haven't mention what my doubt is. aku tertanya, are korean couples behind the scene, i mean, real couples, are they really that romantic towards each other? yang macam dalam korean movies and series tuu. kalau betul lah kan, i'm an freaking jealous i am.

i want a tall boyfriend, hehe. i want a cute boyfriend, hehe. and by cute i mean inside out, bukan sekadar muka je cute -.- i want a boyfriend that i can really hold on to, hehe.i want a boyfriend yang baik, hehe.  i want a boyfriend yang bukan sekadar ambil kesempatan on me or my harta or whatever. aicehhh cakap 'my harta' macam lah aku ada harta. KAAAAAAAAN! semua harta yang hado pun omak apak eden punyerrr ;) kot ye pun asal aku dah keluarkan apa yang aku nak niii? siapa suruh tunjuk? ah pedulikkk.

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