Thursday, April 28, 2011

special for babyfeefah.

this blog post is dedicated dearly to miss azyze, who soon is leaving this college for good.

maybe yes, you're leaving soon and we're not going to see each other very often. but we're still best friends and distance is not going to make us apart by heart :)

i love you my friend. i'm sorry for mistakes i did towards you.

hey, you see. even though we are not going to spend our time together as often as before, that's not going to stop us from hanging out in KL or any other place lah :) ingat tu b!

dulu, aku sedih gila banaleman keluar dari college and pergi her beloved Kuantan tu -,- now it's gonna be you. you you you baby. ahh, i'm sad :(

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*apple pie* said...

huney , dont worry . we gonna meet every week ok . all those sweet memories that we had together i will keep in my heart always . 4F will never be replaced . pasni spe la nk merepek sal marimar ngn aku . emm =( really la im so sad but i keep in my heart jerr . thanks huney for all this .